3 Common Issues that Require Expert Drain Field Repair

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While you might not think much about the drain field of your home’s septic system, it’s a critical component. Drain fields slowly disperse wastewater safely into the soil. They are designed to filter the water so that by the time it is released, it doesn’t pose any health risks to the environment. With this in mind, it’s important to notice any signs that your drain field might not be functioning properly.

3 Common Issues that Require Expert Drain Field Repair

Here are 3 signs that you need drain field repair:

  1. A soggy lawn – If you’re suddenly noticing saturated areas of your lawn that can’t be explained by the weather, the drain field may be to blame. Soil saturation can have several culprits related to the septic system, including damaged drain field pipes, a backed-up system, or even soil compaction or erosion. Whatever the reason, a soggy lawn could mean you need prompt drain field repair.
  2. A lush lawn – Isolated patches of thick, lush grass or weeds may be a sign that your drain field is leeching harmful bacteria into your yard. While the first signs of this issue are a desirable lush lawn that seems to persist despite the weather, it quickly becomes a major issue with the risk of raw sewage finding its way to your grass.
  3. A foul-smelling lawn – If you notice a smelly section of your lawn, especially if it is a fair distance from the septic tank, the drain field might be in trouble.

At Clark Septic, we believe that proactive prevention is the best way to mitigate the need for drain field repair. We offer routine drain field inspections to keep your septic system in check and catch any issues before they become big problems. Give us a call to schedule your inspection today.