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Drain Field Repair

Using a septic tank system comes with many benefits. However, with a septic system, regular maintenance is needed so the system continues to work properly. When drain field problems come up, it is very important that you call a specialist for drain field repair services. Here are three things you should look for that might signal your drain field needs repairs:

1.  Pooling water in your yard. This might just be a sign of a broken pipe in the system, but can also be caused by clogging or a need for the entire system to be pumped. If not taken care of, this can lead to problems with the entire system.

2.  Sewage backing up into your home. While obviously an unpleasant experience, this problem can be a strong clue to needing drain field repair.  If the drain field becomes too full, it can cause some of the water and sewage to back up in the system and tank, which then blocks the flow of water and the pathway for the waste away from your home.  Not only does this problem require a good home clean-up, it requires the assistance of our professionals to properly diagnose the problem.

3.  Grass or landscaping that is unhealthy. This can also be a sign of sewage backing up and leaking into your yard. Also, it is important to note that over a long period of time with overburdened usage, the drain field can become so saturated with the beneficial microbes that come through that it will become clogged, thus giving the system essentially no room to unload.  At this point, drain field repair services will be necessary to restore the system’s functionality.