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Drain Field Repair in Orlando, Florida

Having problems with your home’s drain field is never a fun experience. It can be distressing to have a septic company tell you that you need it replaced, particularly if you are pretty sure it isn’t old enough to be failing. One thing that you may not realize is that in many cases the drain field doesn’t need replaced. Drain field repair can often resolve the problem and end up saving you money.

One of the things to do if you are told your drain field needs to be replaced is get a second opinion. In addition, don’t be afraid to ask questions about why it failed, how much of the drain field is affected, and ask for a cost comparison for drain field repair versus replacement. Even if you do go with replacement, it is important to understand what went wrong so you can take the necessary steps to keep the next one from meeting an early death, too.

One common problem that is completely avoidable that can lead to drain field repair or replacement is introducing the wrong things into the septic system. Grease and oils are particularly problematic. Additionally, heavy water consumption and overuse of a garbage disposal can cause problems.

If you are having trouble with your septic system and need honest and reliable advice about whether drain field repair is an option, give us a call at Clark Septic. We have served the Orlando, Florida area since 2002, and we are committed to providing prompt, professional service with your needs being our first priority. Contact us today to find out more!