Five Reasons Why Regular Septic Pumping is Essential

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Septic systems are designed to move wastewater away from your home and distribute it into a drain field. By design, solid waste and sludge are left behind in your septic tank and need to be removed every 3 to 5 years. As a homeowner, it is important to schedule regular septic pumping to remove this waste so it is not able to build up and cause large problems. Here are five reasons why having a consistent septic pumping schedule is essential:

1.  Septic Pumping Prevents Sewer Lines From Backing Up. If your septic tank is not regularly pumped, it won’t be able to drain properly and your pipes could back up. This can cause a handful of problems that you don’t want to deal with, like clogged drains.

Five Reasons Why Regular Septic Pumping is Essential

2.  Septic Pumping Keeps Your Air Fresh. As materials build up in your septic tank, you will begin to notice unpleasant smells. Without regular pumping, backed-up pipes could cause those smells to enter your home too.

3.  Septic Pumping Protects The Environment. Normally only treated wastewater is diverted into your drain field and is able to evaporate away. If your septic tank is too full, sludge could also enter your drain field and cause damage to your yard and spread dangerous bacteria to the environment.

4.  Septic Pumping Keeps Your System Efficient. If your septic tank is regularly pumped, it allows your system to run smoothly, the way it was designed to.

5.  Septic Pumping Prevents Costly Repairs. Keeping your septic tank in good condition with consistent pumping will save you from the expense of having to replace the tank or making large repairs.

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