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Without proper septic maintenance, your septic system is prone to having problems. Aside from being costly to repair, these problems can have negative effects on health.

How Septic Maintenance Can Affect Your Health

  • If your septic system backs up and the sewage enters your home, you are exposed to dangerous bacteria and pathogens and are looking at an expensive clean-up process.
  • Septic MaintenanceIf your septic system is not working properly, bacteria and pathogens can get into your drinking water, which generally leads to mild gastrointestinal distress or diarrhea.  Most of the time, people don’t notice that this is caused from contaminated drinking water, and it passes in a few days.  However, in severe circumstances or for those who have weakened immune systems, contaminated drinking water can lead to long-term health difficulties.
  • When sewage is not properly treated, it can also get into natural swimming water sources.  This could lead to infections in the eyes and ears.

The best way to avoid these negative health effects is through regular septic maintenance.  Septic maintenance includes both things you can do in your home and things you can hire our professionals to do.  Remember to conserve water, keep an eye on solid wastes, and contact us at Clark Septic for septic inspections, cleanings, pumping, and repairs.