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schedule a septic pumping every 4 or 5 years
As any professional will tell you, septic tanks need to be pumped. But why does the tank need to be pumped, and how do you choose your septic pumping frequency?

One of the most important reasons that septic pumping is necessary is to avoid problems with the drain field and subsequent expensive repairs. Solids settle to the bottom of a tank and scum rises to the top. This could lead to build-up over time. For example, after a period of heavy usage, there could be a need for septic pumping. Specifically, a household size of two individuals with a 500-gallon septic tank size would probably need to schedule a septic pumping every 4 or 5 years. But including guests or periods of high traffic could increase the frequency in the previous example. It’s also important to note that a household with a garbage disposal will produce more wastewater and thereby need a higher frequency of septic pumping.

The above example is just meant to give you a good starting point. There are also other factors, such as local laws, that may require more frequent septic pumping. It’s important to remember that cleaning the septic tank is an extremely important step in avoiding any failure or damage to the system. Furthermore, it’s important that professionals inspect the septic tank, in order to diagnose any problems and determine if it is being pumped at the proper frequency.

If you are in Orlando, Florida or surrounding areas, our team at Clark Septic can assist with inspecting and diagnosing any issues with your septic tank and ensure that it is being pumped at the right frequency.