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Drain field repair is needed when it cannot keep pace with the rate of sewage being delivered from a septic system. Therefore, steps to improve the quality of wastewater passing through or reduce the amount of incoming water will increase the system’s lifespan.

Other important considerations are:

  • drain field repair in Orlando, FLA drain field can become damaged by vehicular traffic, and it can be blocked by excessive tree root growth or shrubbery. It should be seeded with grass so it remains unobstructed. In fact, sunlight and grass actually aid evaporation.
  • Grease and cooking oils are leading causes of drain field repair. The special bacteria in septic systems cannot function properly in solidified grease. Therefore, never wash these substances down your sink. Place cooking grease in cans or jars for disposal in your garbage.
  • Washing machines cause large amounts of water to enter a septic tank. This surge creates turbulence, which puts extra strain on the drain field. Instead of doing many loads at one time, rather space them out during the week or install a separate system for your washing machine’s water.

Note: According to the Florida Health Department, with certain exceptions, drain fields and septic tanks should be located at least 75 ft. away from high water lines of lakes, rivers and ponds.

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