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a septic tank installation process is pretty complex

A septic tank provides the average home or business with a filter system to separate solids and scum from water before returning it back to the soil through the drain field. After a septic tank installation, all of the water used in the home or business from sinks, bathtubs, toilets and even laundry systems flows into the tank for filtration. It is in this large, underground, watertight container that these solids settle to the bottom and any scum from things like grease rises to the top.

You may be asking, “What’s included with a septic tank installation?” With any septic tank installation, preparation is key. The soil must be tested and a survey of the site must be done. After the site survey and soil testing, our professionals can determine the available space for the septic tank and drain field, the location of the well or any nearby wells, and the soil type and its ability to drain and filter the wastewater. We will then be sure to perform the installation while abiding by all laws and building codes in your area. Then the digging will begin, ensuring an area large enough for the tank and its intended use. Once the health inspector gives the OK, the pipe and tank will be covered up with the required materials, including washed gravel to hold the pipe in place.

As you can probably tell, a septic tank installation process is pretty complex and should definitely be taken care of by professionals. At Clark Septic, we have the necessary experience to install your septic system professionally and the know-how to test the system once the job is finished to make sure everything is functioning properly.