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Simple Guidelines for Drain Field Installation
If you fall into the category of people lucky enough to be considering, or using a septic system to take care of your wastewater needs, you know that there are three essential elements that make your septic system function as it should. These are the tank, the piping, and the drain field. While it is easy to determine the size of tank you need, based upon your family size and usage habits, determining the perfect place for drain field installation is a trickier question.

For one thing, your drain field needs to be large enough to safely hold the wastewater that comes from your home, allowing it to be broken down by bacteria and then to seep back into the land around the drain field, becoming groundwater again. Since this is the case, drain field installation should happen where the drain field can be undisturbed, which means no cars, no driveway, no play area, no storage shed, no trees with thick roots, and no garden on top of, or close to the drain field. 

Drain Field Installation

As you consider the drain field installation requirements for your home, give us a call at Clark Septic. We can help you to determine where the best area for your drain field will be. Additionally, we will complete the drain field installation quickly and effectively. We are committed to getting you a septic system that functions well, which is why we will also take care of the rest of your septic system needs.  Regardless of whether you need a first time or replacement drain field installation, we’re here for you.