Three Problems That Drain Field Repair Could Fix

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If your drain field has an issue, messy consequences will follow. It’s important to have a professional come out and take a look right away if you do notice any problems arise . Not only can we provide an effective solution, but we can also fix other issues that have arisen due to your drain field problems. Here are three problems that drain field repair could fix:

1.  Clogged Drains. If your drain field is not effectively removing wastewater from your home, it could cause the drains in your home to back up. You may notice toilets, showers, and sinks being slow to drain water or staying clogged. Once the issues in your drain field are addressed, your septic system will efficiently keep your drains clear.

Three Problems That Drain Field Repair Could Fix

2.  Puddles in Your Yard. If your drain field is having problems, one of the first areas you may notice a problem in is your yard. Keep an eye out for puddles or soft spots in your lawn, as these signal that an issue with your drain field has arisen.

3.  Pungent Smells.  A correctly working drain field soaks in wastewater and allows it to disperse and evaporate. If your system is working properly, there should be no smell emanating from it or surrounding areas. If your drain field is experiencing an issue, you may notice the smell of waste when standing near that area. Fixing your drain field will also clear away any lingering foul smells.

If you are in need of drain field repair, our team is here to help. At Clark Septic, we have been addressing drain field concerns since 2002. With our experience, we can investigate and solve any of your septic concerns. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you and to set an appointment for your drain field repair.