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It is said that 90% of septic tank problems are related to the drain field. That’s why it’s important that you recognize some key signs to avoid a potentially big hit to your wallet.

  1. drain field in Orlando, FL A puddle in your backyard could be a sign that the drain field is failing. Soil stops absorbing water when it turns to hardpan. This hardening starts where effluent first enters the drain field. The soil fails, and the effluent travels down to other areas where it can be absorbed. As the field continues failing, the effluent eventually comes to the surface because it has nowhere else to go.
  2. Slow drains or water backing up in your home’s drains may indicate failure. When a septic system is working properly, household wastewater enters the tank, displacing the contents and then sending them to the drain field. If the field won’t accept this waste, everything backs up and drains become clogged or sluggish.
  3. Effluent may begin to smell if it collects in the soil instead of draining. This is an early warning that you need to have your system inspected.

Note: If your drain field is failing, there are some ways to hopefully save it before resorting to replacement.

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