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Drain FieldWhen you flush a toilet or run water in your sink, it goes through pipes and empties into your septic tank.  Once in the septic tank, the waste material separates over time into three separate layers.  The top layer is the lightest and is referred to as scum. Wastewater makes up the middle layer, and sludge is the solid layer that sinks to the bottom.

As new water enters the septic tank, it replaces the old water, and that water is pushed out into the drain field.  The drain field is a set of pipes that vary in size and depth depending on the soil absorption rates (less-absorptive soil requires a larger drain field).  The pipes that make up the drain field are perforated, which allows the water to exit them and seep into the ground.  The ground that makes up the drain field is what filters the water before it reaches useable drinking water.

Since the drain field is the component of your septic system that filters wastewater, it is imperative that you maintain it so it works properly.  For questions regarding drain field maintenance, contact our professionals at Clark Septic.