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Clark Septic Posted by ClarkSeptic February 19th, 2020

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Complete customer satisfaction is our goal, and we work hard to provide you with the best service possible… as our customers are always our number one priority. We offer quick service throughout Orlando and Central Florida. Call us today…. we’d love to help!
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Aerobic Treatment Unit

We offer ATU Systems! These types of septic systems are now required in many parts of Florida. Learn more about them here and contact us today to get yours installed!

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Septic Services

There are three times when you will need the services of a septic system company – to install a new or replacement system, repair a current system or perform maintenance and other preventative measures.

Drain Field Services

The drain field is what filters wastewater before it is returned to groundwater, so if it is not operating properly and you use well water, you can be contaminating the very water you use in your home.

Septic Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure. The most important step in maintaining a healthy septic tank is regular septic tank pumping and inspection. On average most households should have their systems pumped every 2 to 5 years.

For expert septic services in Orlando, Florida, contact us at Clark Septic!

We offer a variety of septic services in Orlando, FL, including septic pumping, inspections, repairs, maintenance, and more.

Since 2002, our team here at Clark Septic has been in the business of installing, maintaining, and repairing the septic systems of Orlando and the rest of Central Florida. While we changed our company name recently, our passion for customer service and getting the job done right remains the same! We offer a wide variety of septic services, such as septic system maintenance, full diagnostic tests, drain field repairs, and much, much more. We know that septic emergencies don’t always come during business hours, so we have emergency service available to help you! We also offer very competitive pricing. If you’ve got a mess, we’re the best! Contact us today for a quote.

Clark Septic Services, Inc., Septic Tanks & Systems Contractors & Dealers, Geneva, FL

  • We start with a thorough inspection of your system, including the septic tank, drain field and lines. We will assess the system for efficiency and offer advice on how you can keep it trouble-free. Should it need repairs, you can count on us for fast and professional septic repair services. We provide free estimates.

  • At Clark Septic Services, Inc. in Orlando, Florida, we have the expertise to manage your septic system, thereby avoiding many problems through preventative measures.