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Clark Septic
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 6 reviews
by Arza McIntyre on Clark Septic

Rob is a great professional. He did a fantastic job with our septic service. He explained the how/why as to the condition of our tank. Rob provided us with simple to follow advice and directions to keep it healthy. He was respectful, helpful and a true professional. We would definitely recommend him and Clark’s Septic overall. Thank you!!!

by Judy on Clark Septic

I called Clark Septic thinking I needed my septic tank pumped out. I had issues with my toilet, sink and bathtub draining. I called at 7a hoping to get on the day's schedule. 20 minutes later I got a call my driver was on the way. Rob G. arrived and saved the day! After looking at the septic he informed me the problem was not my septic but clogged piping. Rob was very professional, informative and was very upfront about what needed to be done. After several attempts of he and I trying to break the clog in the line loose, it was determined I needed to try something else. He told me to try pouring scalding hot water into the toilet and plunge it down. Keep repeating with the boiling water and plunging and it should break loose. I decided to pump the septic anyway as I know it's been at least 10+ years since the last pump out. Rob did a fantastic job and gave me a few pointers as well. After Rob left, I decided to try the hot water. After 4 big pots of scalding hot water and plunging, it broke loose. Woop, Woop! Rob G, YOU ARE THE BOMB! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me solve my problem and being upfront with me. I appreciate your honestly and integrity. I will forever call Clarks Septic with my tank issues, and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who needs septic service. Way to go Clarks Septic for employing such outstanding people!!

by Jon Conrad on Clark Septic

I had my septic alarm go off and would not reset. Frank Clark dug up the tank and pump said that they were working properly and that my alarm was the issue. I am not a septic person or plumber, I could have easily been taken advantage of. Frank basically told me to just unplug the faulty alarm. Problem solved. He didn't even charge me because I was on Covid-19 furlough from my job. It is so nice to meet someone with integrity and honesty. I highly recommend Clark plumbing.

by Sylvia Spivey on Clark Septic

Rob did a great job with our septic service. He was good at explaining to us the condition of our tank. Gave us recommendations to keep it healthy. He was respectful and helpful. We would definitely recommend him and Clark’s Septic overall. Thank you again.

by Don Cunningham on Clark Septic

I had a new drainfield installed by Frank. Most professional and efficient operation I've seen in a long while. Frank came in and pumped my tank and immediately said I had drainfield issues. He came back and said to give and accurate quote he would need a specialist come in and take samples and measurements. I have a very tight water table to septic tank height ratio. He explained why and the cost upfront. I agreed. The specialist came and did the measurements. Frank gave me a great estimate that afternoon. He explained all the costs to me and I gave the go ahead. A week later the crew showed up as scheduled and went to work. In 5 hours they were done. They also fixed a couple of issues with piping that they found free of charge. Frank came for payment and reduced it by $700 saying they didn't need to use as many dirt loads since my drainfield never worked and was broken from the start so they had more clean dirt than expected and could be reused. He could have easily charged me the full estimate and I would have never known the difference and I would have been fine. His upfront honesty was very welcomed. It has been several months and I have not had any septic issues for the first time in 30 years.

Clark Septic is now my only septic company.

by Rhonda on Clark Septic

Great guys, great price! They were quick to show up and get the job done. Made suggestions for caring for our septic tank to make it last. No pushy sales. They got the job done right!! Would highly recommend Clark Septic!!!

Clark Septic has been to our house twice. The service was exceptional both times, and the employees were friendly and hard working. We’ll definitely call again!
Missy Tomlinson Petschel

If anyone in central Florida is on septic that needs pumped, I would like to recommend Clark Septic Services. Their price was cheaper than all the big name companies we called. They were prompt and the driver (Andy) was very courteous and very knowledgeable of his trade. A hidden gem among septic companies. I will be a repeat customer for sure.
Kevin Young

I needed a septic company to an inspection for a client buying home. Clark was available and affordable. They did a great job and provided the soon to be home owner with some great knowledge about owning a septic tank.
Samuel Unger

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Got a mess? We’re the best! At Clark Septic in Orlando, FL, we are committed to providing top-quality septic and drain field services at affordable prices, accompanied by excellent customer care. Call us today to get a free quote or schedule service!

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