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Drain Field

Your drain field is the unsung hero of your septic system. It is what provides the last filtering effort to your wastewater before it is returned back into the groundwater. This massive network of pipes and tubes works well to get the wastewater evenly distributed and can do so for years when properly cared for. As a septic system company, our team at Clark Septic sees some of the same drain field issues continually, so we are here to share them with you and also how you can prevent these things from happening to your own drain field.

1.   Vehicular Damage. We see this issue all the time! People will often drive or park on their lawns for a variety of reasons. They might want to wash their car or they might have a party with several guests who don’t know where to park. No matter the reason, when you put that much weight on your drain field, you can crush, crack, or compress the pipes and surrounding soil, leading to all kinds of problems. Never park on your lawn if you have a septic tank and warn guests to park on the street.

2.   Infiltrating Root Systems. The soil around a drain field is often pretty nutrient-dense for plants. Plants that are planted too close to a drain field can grow right through your pipes, breaking them or stopping wastewater from draining. Make sure you know where your drain field is located and plant trees far from the border.

3.   Mismatched. Sometimes, homeowners will choose to upgrade only part of their system. A larger tank with the same drain field can be problematic. A septic professional will be able to tell you if your drain field is sufficient for your tank and how to fix it.

Here at Clark Septic, we want to help you prevent some of the main issues we see with drain fields. If you have these or other concerns, we can help.