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septic tank in Orlando, FL We all love bargains, and when it comes to treating wastewater, there are several ways to save money. However, there are unfortunately many claims made about bogus products, which, if used, can end up causing more septic tank problems than they supposedly solve.

There are numerous “groundbreaking” biological additives being sold under a range of guises. While enzymes and bacteria are an important part of the biological treatment process, we have yet to see scientific proof that adding blends of either enzymes or bacteria to a septic tank system will have any benefit.

Bacteria that naturally break down waste matter are already present in the water and soil, and they breed quickly without any assistance, provided the conditions are right (waste matter for food, and oxygen obtained from the air). A wastewater treatment system will fast become anoxic unless air is added mechanically in the process using some form of agitation, such as a blower. This is normal for certain systems like septic tanks.

Adding aerobic bacteria that need oxygen to function to a septic tank is ineffectual because there is little or no oxygen. The breakdown of organic matter takes place under anaerobic conditions by bacteria that don’t need oxygen to function, and they do a highly effective job.

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