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Drain Field ServicesThere are some common drain field failures. These failures are usually the result of a septic tank that wasn’t pumped as much as it should be. The scum and sludge layers can become so thick that there isn’t much space left for wastewater to pool while the different parts of it separate. This can cause solids to get into the drain field, clogging it and causing smelly water to surface. By the time the seepage is noticed, the yard is a mess, putting a homeowner in desperate need of drain field services.

Sometimes you don’t have to do anything wrong for the drain field to fail. There are times when the beneficial microbes in the soil become so abundant that they muck up the soil, causing the absorption of water to fail. The only solution you have in this case is to abandon the current drain field and have a new one created. When the new drain field becomes clogged, then it is possible to move back to the old sites, since the microbes have most likely died due to having nothing to feed on.

An inspection is an important part of drain field services. This is because a problem can be identified before it becomes big. If something is happening, then drain field repair can make a significant difference in whether failure happens. If it turns out you need a new drain field, the installation is going to be an effective alternative to the damage that can be caused by failure.

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