Drain Field Services: The Basics

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If you own a septic system, it is important for you to know the basics for drain fields and drain field services. Lucky for you, our team of experts have put together the most important basic information in the article below. Keep reading to learn more.

Drain Field Services: The Basics

A drain field (sometimes also referred to as a leach field or leach drain) is a crucial part of a septic system that disposes of wastewater. The drain field is typically made up of trenches in the group that are then fitted with a piping system that connects to your septic system. These pipes are then covered by soil.

If you experience septic issues, including bad odors, sewage backups, pooling, or flooding, you may need professional drain field services. A skilled septic company and/or technician can handle all your drain field services including drain field installation, drain field repair, and drain field inspection. If a drain field is properly installed and maintained, you should have very little need for drain field services and repairs.

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