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Clark-Septic_LOGOWhether you run a bed & breakfast, an inn, a hotel or a restaurant where you serve meals to guests, you need a grease trap. Usually placed in the kitchen floor, these simple devices are designed to provide retention time for grease in wastewater to solidify and cool so it can be removed before it ends up in a septic system or sewer.

Regular grease trap cleaning is just as important has having one of these devices. In septic systems, grease can quickly plug up the drain fields, causing big hassles and even bigger repair bills. If you serve meals and you have a septic system, but you don’t have a grease trap, it’s just a matter of time before you’re going to pay for this oversight!


  • Ensure all kitchen sinks are linked to the trap
  • Have a properly sized grease trap installed
  • Train your staff to remove cooking oils, gravies and creamy sauces from plates before rinsing
  • Practice water conservation
  • Schedule regular grease trap cleaning with us at Clark Septic
  • Use shortenings instead of liquid vegetable oil; they solidify at room temperature


  • Pour boiling water down the sinks in an attempt to clean the grease trap
  • Connect a garbage disposal to the trap
  • Connect a commercial dishwasher to the trap
  • Think that just because you have your septic system pumped regularly that you are fully protected. You also need regular grease trap cleaning!

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