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Clark-Septic_LOGOA septic system fails when the drain field cannot dispose of sewage at the rate it’s being added to it. Therefore, good drain field maintenance involves reducing the amount of incoming water, or improving the quality of the wastewater that passes through the system. Both of these steps will extend drain field life.

Good drain field maintenance also includes knowing the following:

  • Drain fields can become compacted by vehicular traffic and obstructed by excessive tree root growth and shrubbery. Grass is fine – in fact, along with sunlight, grass actually aids evaporation.
  • Grease and cooking oils are bad news. The beneficial bacteria that live in drain fields and septic systems can’t survive or work efficiently in solidified grease. Never wash cooking fats and grease down the kitchen sink. Place them in cans or jars for disposal with your garbage.
  • Your washing machine can be responsible for excessive amounts of water entering a septic system. Surges of wash water create turbulence in the tank, thereby increasing the amount of solids being flushed to the drain field. Rather than doing many loads at one time, space them out during the week.

Important! Know the capacity and location of your septic tank, and if you have a copy of the original permit, keep it in a safe place for future reference.

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