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Clark-Septic_LOGOIn ancient times, mankind had no idea what pollution was and how it affected our environment. In those days, city residents were allowed to place human waste on the outskirts of cities. The Romans can take the credit for developing the first sewer system; however, it was primarily designed to deal with storm water.

Even in Ancient Roman times, people were permitted to dump the contents of their chamber pots onto the street. And during the Middle Ages, there were virtually no sewage systems at all. In fact, the city of Paris was well­­-known for its foul-smelling air. Wastewater was not treated, and as a result, epidemics broke out. It was not uncommon for an entire city to fall prey to typhoid or hepatitis.

It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that anything was really done to treat wastewater. A sewage plant was built in London, England, and a man by the name of Donald Cameron first introduced the concept of septic services around 1900.

Thanks to these early efforts, today our cities are served by multi-million dollar treatment plants. And, in places where these plants do not exist, we have come to rely on septic services. Thank goodness for this! When properly installed, operated and maintained, a septic tank is a wonderfully economical, environmentally safe and efficient way to treat wastewater.

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