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septic system repair in Orlando, FL One of the main reasons for calling septic system repair professionals to perform pumping, clearing backups and removing clogs is due to misuse and abuse of the household toilet. Many people don’t recognize just how fragile their toilets are. If you find yourself having to deal with bad odors, clogs or backups, call us as your septic system repair company right away.

Once the problems have been fixed, there are two things you can do to keep your system and toilet in great working order.

  1. Only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. Many families, especially those with young children, think that disposable diapers and wet wipes can be flushed down toilets. This is not so! They are not designed to break down the way that toilet paper does. As such, they will soon be clogging your drains. Even companies that make these products and advertise that they are flushable are now having issues, so be cautious.
  2. Use septic-safe toilet paper. Moreover, it’s best to use single-ply toilet tissue because it breaks down much easier than double or triple-ply. There is even some speculation that the color dye used in toilet paper causes septic tank problems, so you might want to play it safe and stick to white.

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