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Drain Field InspectionYou need to hire an inspector who will unearth and locate every component of your septic system. You don’t want to hire someone who comes to perform drain field inspection and simply walks around or merely flushes a dye pack down your toilet.

During drain field inspection, someone who is thorough will run water into the tank from your home – say from a faucet in the bathroom. He should then look into every opening in the tank to ensure the baffles are fine, measure the depth of the sludge and scum layers, and make sure the tank is not showing signs of failure or potential backups.

Moreover, a good inspector will find the distribution box and open it up. He will then inspect it to make sure all the lines are receiving the same amount of effluent, and that they are all draining correctly. This will also show if any solids have escaped from the tank. Looking into the distribution box is arguably the most telling component of the drain field inspection process.

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