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Drain Field InspectionWhen you notice that your septic system isn’t functioning properly and suspect that it could be a problem in the drain field, you need a drain field inspection.  There are many different problems that can occur in the drain field, and a drain field inspection is the best way to diagnose problems quickly.

  • The septic tank stores sludge and other solid materials that exit your house or building through the pipes.  When a septic tank isn’t pumped often enough, the sludge can exit into the drain field, and once in the drain field, it lowers the water capacity.
  • Grease can easily be poured down a drain while it is liquid, but once in your septic system, it solidifies.  Grease will get into your drain field because it floats in water while other solid waste products sink below the water.
  • Pipes can crack or break for various reasons.
  • The soil around your drain field can become overly compacted.  When the soil is compacted, it can’t absorb as much water as it needs to.
  • Tree roots often gravitate towards drain fields because of the nutrients that are there, and they can clog the drains.

The drain field is the most expensive component to the septic system and is also the hardest to access because it is completely underground.  With the large variety of problems that can occur, we recommend that you have a drain field inspection from one of our professionals rather than attempt to find the problem yourself.  Contact us today at Clark Septic to schedule your appointment.