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Drain Field Installation in Kissimmee, FL
Where does all your wastewater go when you flush a toilet, brush your teeth, or wash dishes? It goes into your septic system, right? But your septic system isn’t just a bottomless pit where everything can stay forever– it’s actually a system that takes your property’s wastewater and safely allows it back into the groundwater. A drain field is the last stop for wastewater coming from your septic system before it is released back into the soil.


Drain Field Installation Keeps Your Groundwater Safe

Proper drain field installation and maintenance ensure that your septic system will continue to operate properly and your water will be safe to drink and use for daily activities. Drain field installation involves laying pipes with holes into the ground outside of your home or property, so once wastewater is filtered through your septic system, it is then released back into the ground. Without regular maintenance, your drain field may eventually deteriorate or become clogged, and you will need repairs or a totally new drain field installation.

It is recommended that you schedule regular septic system maintenance every three to five years, which includes drain field inspections and repairs. When you call us at Clark Septic, our experienced technicians can answer your questions about your drain field and what is involved with drain field installation. We also provide free quotes for drain field services. We have been in business since 2002 and are a family owned and operated, full-service septic company. Contact us today with your septic questions. We’ll be happy to assist you!