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Drain Field InstallationIf you are wondering if your new septic system will require a drain field installation, the answer is yes.  While some homeowners may feel hesitant with the thought of installing a drain field on their property, it is important to understand that the drain field is a key part of the septic system waste removal process.

Drain field installation is a necessary part of the septic system because it allows for the neutralization of waste water.  As waste materials move through the septic system, there is a separation that occurs. Grease and oils are left in the grease trap, and the waste materials move to the septic tank.  In the septic tank, solid materials are left to develop a thick sludge. This sludge builds up over time, and it will eventually need to be removed.  Leftover wastewater enters the drain field, where it is filtered and neutralized using natural processes.

Neutralization of waste water is important in keeping ground water safe from harsh chemicals and hazardous waste. Drain field installation must be carefully planned out from location and size to the makeup of your soil materials.  A properly maintained drain field will help ensure your septic system continues to function normally and that you and your family are safe from harmful septic backups.

If you have any questions about drain fields, or if you are considering installing a new septic system, contact us at Clark Septic today for more information.