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septic tank inspections are extremely important to your health

So you have had your septic system installed and everything seems to be going fine . . . now what? Over the next few years, you may see some signs that signal a need for a septic tank inspection.

Septic systems are very complex and need to be maintained to keep everything working properly and avoid failure. There are many ways you can tell if it’s time for a septic tank inspection. Firstly, take note on what is going on inside your home or business. For example, are toilets flushing slower or drains running a little slower than usual? Are you getting a gurgling sound from any of the pipes, including the toilet? These may be signs that a septic inspection is necessary. It’s important to remember, though, that inspections aren’t only for when something seems to be going wrong. Septic tank inspections can also be done as a preventative measure. Waiting too long for an inspection could cause very costly repairs or even a need to replace the entire system. Scheduling an inspection at the same time as your scheduled septic pumping would be a great rule of thumb.

At Clark Septic, we have professionals who can inspect and diagnose your septic system if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms. We will inspect the system from the inside in order to diagnose what the potential problem is. We understand that septic tank inspections are extremely important to your health and your loved ones living in your home.