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septic tankIf you’ve ever had to contend with a septic repair problem, you’ll know it can be expensive. A septic tank is a convenient, simple, long-lasting and reliable system if properly installed and maintained. Here, we’ll discuss a few issues that could prevent aggravation and save you money.

Firstly, a steel tank is going to rust, and it’s unlikely that it will last for more than 20 years – possibly less if the soil has a high acid content. A concrete tank is significantly more durable, and you can expect it to last for 40 years or more if the concrete is properly poured and mixed. Alternatives like fiberglass and plastic also tend to last longer; therefore, they are less prone to septic repair issues.

When the structural integrity of a tank is compromised, the first things to go are usually the baffles. These are the outlet and inlet pipes, and they are designed to control the flow of wastewater, and in particular, to prevent solids leaving the tank.

Deteriorated or damaged baffles also enable solids to leave the tank and enter the drain field. This will reduce the lifespan of the drain field and ultimately lead to backups and clogging. Regular maintenance and inspection of the baffles are essential in making sure that your septic system runs smoothly and efficiently throughout its lifetime.

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