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Septic System InstallationMost homeowners don’t consider septic system installation unless their home does not have access to a sewer system. In fact, many populated areas will expect you to tap into the local sewer system.  While sewer systems may be the most convenient option, they are not considered to be the “greenest” option.

Septic system installation means you have chosen, by necessity or not, to use your land to help remove your family’s waste materials.  You have installed a septic tank, maybe a grease trap, and your own personal drain field. This entire system helps to remove and neutralize waste in ways that sewer systems are unable to do.  You are doing your small part to help eliminate waste materials, minimize your impact on the environment, and keep our planet just a little bit greener.

There are many ways septic system installation can help the world around you.  Here are just some of the ways your new septic system is the greener choice:

  • No Chemicals- A septic system doesn’t require any harsh chemicals to break down waste materials.  There are no chemicals used in the maintenance of tanks and drain fields, helping to preserve fresh ground water and other potable water sources.
  • Neutralization- Fluid waste materials flow through the drain field and become neutralized through natural processes. Rock/silt filtration and exposure to sunlight are just two of the natural resources that help to treat waste materials.
  • No Energy- Septic systems require no energy, which means more for everyone to use elsewhere.  Energy conservation is an important part of the green movement.
  • You Are Responsible for You- If you feel a personal responsibility to minimize your impact on the environment, then you can appreciate that you are responsible for your own family’s waste materials.  You use your land to neutralize and treat materials.
  • Natural- Every process within the septic system is done naturally.  Natural flow leads to natural separation and natural neutralization.