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septic pumpingSo, 5 years have passed since you last called in a professional to perform septic pumping. Well, the truth is that even if your system seems to be working efficiently, sludge has probably accumulated to the point where wastewater is being released without enough time for particulate matter to settle in the tank. This situation could result in eventual clogging of the drain field and pollution of groundwater.

This situation develops when sludge clogs the drain field or when broken pipes or tree roots prevent the water from entering the drain field. It can also happen when the water usage in your home exceeds what your septic system can handle.

When such conditions occur, wastewater cannot move through the soil like it should. Instead, it rises to the surface and, in so doing, creates a foul odor and potentially serious health risks. This is why regular septic pumping is such a vital procedure. Without it, your toilets will start to run slowly and eventually back up. The worst-case scenario would be your basement being completely flooded with sewage, caused by blocked lines to the tank, a failed drain field, or a clogged inlet or outlet pipe.

Remember, there should be no odor at all. If there is, it could be an early warning sign that your system is starting to fail.

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