Three Myths About Septic Maintenance

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Regular septic maintenance is always a good idea for homeowners with septic systems. We often get many questions about septic systems from homeowners who want to keep everything running smoothly. Here are three myths that we have encountered about septic maintenance that we want to clear up:

  • Myth #1: Septic Systems Don’t Require Regular Maintenance. While maintenance for your system is minimal compared to how often you use it, your septic system does need regular maintenance. During a maintenance appointment, your system will be pumped and inspected and issues will be addressed. Regular maintenance can keep your septic system running efficiently and will prevent unexpected and costly repairs.

Three Myths About Septic Maintenance

  • Myth #2: Septic Maintenance Is Expensive. Your septic system actually saves you money when compared to city sewer bills. Instead of recurring monthly bills, you only need to pay for your regular maintenance and pumping. If you consistently schedule these appointments every 3-5 years, we can keep your system running smoothly and reduce the chance that any large repairs arise.
  • Myth #3: It Doesn’t Matter What Goes Down The Drain. Unfortunately you do need to be careful what you allow down your drain. Using the garbage disposal system or flushing inappropriate objects can back up your system and cause maintenance or repairs to be needed.

If you would like to learn more about septic maintenance, contact us today at Clark Septic. We can help you take care of your septic system and keep it running efficiently. Our team has extensive experience, so if you have any issues arise, we are always ready to help.