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Drain FieldA drain field is a key component of your septic system.  It is installed beneath the ground in an area away from your home.  Often, homeowners forget about their septic system once it is safely buried below the surface. This can be harmful over the life or your septic tank and drain field.  It is important that you not forget the many care and maintenance recommendations for your system. If you want your new drain field to last, there are some important things to keep in mind.  Keep your drain field working properly and your septic system flowing smoothly by following these simple tips.


  • Keep shallow root plants, such as grass, decorative flowers, etc. These plants can actually help with the decontamination of the materials that move through the drain field.
  • Direct rainwater and other clean water away from your drain field. This will help to contain septic materials in the designated drain field area.
  • Allow for direct sunlight.  Direct sunlight can also help to neutralize the materials that flow through the drain field.
  • Schedule regular inspections and preventative maintenance.


  • Plant large trees or other deep-rooted vegetation.  When roots are large or expansive, they can grow into the piping of your drain field, causing costly damage.
  • Build a structure over any part of your drain field.  There are many reasons to avoid structures over the area. A standing structure can prevent sun exposure in the area, it can compress the ground over the drain field and cause damage, and it can prevent access to the drain field when maintenance is needed.
  • Forget to pump your septic tank. Regular septic pumping will help to keep large materials from building up and clogging your drain field piping.
  • Drive over your field. You can safely walk over your drain field, but keep your heavy machinery and large motorized vehicles away from the drain field.