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It is important to conduct a septic tank cleaning

Consistent maintenance of your septic tank will ensure that you have a healthy, long-lasting system with few problems. It is very important to keep up with regular septic tank cleaning so that you avoid problems with your tank.

As waste enters your septic tank, solid waste sinks to the bottom while liquid waste is processed on the top layers. Liquid waste is treated with chemicals and bacteria and then exits the tank to the drain field. However, solid waste is left behind and will build up over time. It is important to conduct a septic tank cleaning on your property to remove solid waste.

You should have your septic tank pumped every three to five years to avoid waste buildup. How often you need septic tank cleaning will vary depending on a few factors. First, the number of people in your home is an important consideration. The more people you have living with you, the faster the tank will fill. Also, the size of your tank is an important factor as smaller tanks will fill more quickly.

When you need to empty your septic tank, it is very important to work with a reliable professional. Septic gasses can be dangerous, so it is very important to have the right equipment and training when working on any septic tank maintenance.

If you have questions about your septic tank, you can contact our team at Clark Septic! We would be happy to work with you to schedule a cleaning or other septic tank maintenance.