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drain field installation in Orlando, FLA septic system is made up of 4 components: the main line, the tank, the distribution box, and the drain field. The last one can also be called a leach field. Here, we’ll explain the basics of how drain field installation works.

The wastewater from the tank drains into the distribution box. Here, gravity helps pull the water downwards to the drain field and distributes it evenly throughout the soil. The bigger the drain field installation, the more wastewater it can absorb and hold.

The drain field size is important for the process. If you have a bigger tank, it’s vital that the drain field be large enough to hold all the water being delivered to it. In most homes, drain fields comprise multiple piping trenches. They are usually laid out in corresponding lines with the distribution box at the very top.

Placement of the drain field is also crucial. It should never be located near other homes, roads or near drinking water sources such as lakes, streams, rivers and wells.

The drain field’s job is to dispose of wastewater, thereby performing the final phase of septic treatment. This is where the purification process begins. Wastewater becomes groundwater, and it becomes a resource, or it is used by plants.

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