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Drain Field InstallationOut of all of the components in a septic system, the drain field is the most expensive, so you might be thinking about installing it yourself to save money on labor. While you may be saving money at the beginning, your self-installed drain field may end up costing more in the long run than if you have one of our professionals do your drain field installation from the start.

Here are 3 reasons why you should have a professional drain field installation:

  1. If your drain field installation is done incorrectly, it’s bad news for you. An incorrectly installed drain field can lead to expensive repairs, damage to other components of your septic system, and sewage finding its way into your drinking water.
  2. The soil in your drain field has to be a specific type in order to work properly. Using the wrong type of soil in your drain field installation can result in a back-up of your system due to a lack of absorption.
  3. Drain field installation also requires proper leveling of the soil. Pipes that are laid at the wrong angle can cause any of the aforementioned septic system problems.

Instead of leaving the well-being of your septic system up to chance, contact our professionals at Clark Septic to schedule your drain field installation.