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Before It’s Too Late, Schedule Regular Septic Tank Pumping
Unless the toilet is overflowing or your drains get clogged, plumbers and septic tank pumping are not usually at the front of our minds. Thanks to a simple push of a lever, our waste stays out of sight and out of mind. Here, however, we’re going into your backyard, to the most fertile patch of grass, and we’ll dive headfirst into your septic system!

About 1/3 of American homes have septic tanks to treat their waste. These systems are relatively simple by design. All drains converge to one single pipe leading to a tank that’s buried outside.

When waste from washing machines, sinks, showers and toilets leaves your home, it all comes together to head toward the septic tank. When it hits the tank, it starts separating. The heaviest matter, called sludge, sinks to the bottom. At the top of the tank, proteins, oils and fats form a floating layer of scum. In the middle, there’s a comparatively clear layer of liquid called gray water or effluent.

Even though the design is simple, septic tanks need to be monitored to prevent problems from arising. Often, when an issue does become noticeable, it’s too late for a simple solution. Attending to major septic problems often involves thousands of dollars’ worth of labor and parts. Fortunately, regular septic tank pumping and cleaning go a long way in avoiding this.

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