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Clark-Septic_LOGOThe drain field, a.k.a. the leach field or soil absorption system, is an integral part of a septic system. If it fails, replacement can be expensive. The price depends on several factors, but if you do need drain field installation, you should get an estimate from a few contractors. This way, you could save a few thousand dollars.

When we say that a septic system has failed, we are essentially saying that the drain field has failed. Signs that a new one is needed aren’t difficult to miss. You’ll probably notice soggy or permanently wet areas in the existing field, along with a bad odor. Pay attention to these symptoms and seek advice from a drain field installation professional. The last thing you want is effluent backing up into your home.

Besides the inconvenience and mess, failed drain fields can affect drinking water, contaminate groundwater, and compromise human health. If your field is close to a water source like a pond or a lake, contaminants can also cause algae growth.

While the price varies according to the size of the field, along with the cost of local permits and soil, you can expect to pay between $5,000 and $20,000 for drain field installation because it is the most expensive part of a septic system.

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