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drain fieldSometimes a drain field can fail, even if you have done nothing wrong. Over time, say around 30 years or so, the good bacteria in the soil become so abundant that they literally prevent the proper absorption of wastewater.

If you have a completely blocked drain field, the only solution is to abandon it and have a new one built. However, the good news is that once drain field replacement has been done, you shouldn’t have the problem again. The bacteria at the old site will eventually die and decompose due to lack of food. Then, one day when the new field gets clogged, the old one will be ready for use again.

Some drain field repair problems can be solved fairly easily. For example, if there’s a sewage odor or standing water between the field and the septic tank, it might be nothing more than a broken pipe. And, if you have an advanced treatment septic system, a drain field repair technician might only need to replace or adjust a part.

If you have an aerobic system and you go away for a long period, the good bacteria might die off. In this case, you may just need to use your system more frugally for a couple of weeks while the population regenerates.

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